The students seem to be responding well to the new format and are all working hard, it has been a very hectic start to their learning journey with us so we are looking forward to a bit of consistency in the run up to Christmas so they can settle in and get some good work done.


Students have a few running projects to work on outside of their Springboard timetabled lessons, this will hopefully counter the motivation wavering some of the students from last year experienced during the year. All content briefs are designed with the channel in mind so all will be able to be broadcast. 2nd years are tasked with launching and hosting a live television debate in the college main hall in December, they are currently frantically putting together the contributor contacts and trying to publicise the event. Ist years are working on ‘Poetry In Motion’ and their film script which will go into production next year. The brief for Poetry In Motion is simple, take your favourite poem and put images to it, some students are going to stop motion, some are going abstract some are trying to be very literal in their interpretation, the end results should be very interesting.