We have a new technician just started with us called Peter Naylor, he has taken over Gary’s role as Gary has moved onto pastures new at Bucks TV. We really enjoyed working with Gary and he has been instrumental in getting the environment here set up, the systems he put in place will stand us in good stead for a good long while. He will also be sorely missed by the students as he was widely respected for his technical knowledge, ability to instruct and his fear of god attitude to students looking after the kit. Peter has some big footsteps to follow but so far he has been up to the task.


Peter does not have the experience of Gary in terms of industry experience but he makes up for that with sheer enthusiasm and a technical interest bordering on geekness – the is perfect for maintaining the new systems and when it comes to working with the students on the editing and graphics software. Peter is an award winning film maker in his own right and is passionate about wildlife so expect to see some more of this kind of thing on the channel as briefs are being devised as we speak.