Hi all, bit of spare time so I thought I would tell you about the fun day we had in the studio on Friday.
Friday afternoons are now springboard work experience days for ND2 students, so Ben and I thought we would show them how to shoot an iPod style advert. We decked out the whole end of the studio with a tonne of blue cloth and several lights. We then discussed that we were to make an ident for the channel in this style only instead of iPods we were to use camera equipment.
I have attached some production stills from the studio shoot and also a couple of final screen shots that have been adapted to look like the iPod promotional material.
Keep your eyes peeled on the channel for the finished product.

Oh and if you have been onto the springboard channel you may of noticed some playback problems on a few of the new videos, but fear not we are working on it and should be back to normal soon.

Bye Bye!