We are preparing frantically for our live studio debate next Thursday. The show is called Vocal Point and is being put together by the 2nd year students. It's been a hard slog getting to this point as motivation has been a factor, unfortunately the debate subject that was given to them was not glam enough. It's an important issue for the area and Tony stuck to his guns as he felt it was a debate that would be really vibrant and would engage the local community. Fair play to the student as with a bit of cajoling they have pulled themselves together, organized themselves and we have the semblance of a show put tother. I have attached the premise and a flyer to gove you a broader picture of the production, we are still confirming panelist but we hope to have all major parties represented (we have two already) and a diverse and interested audience of about 30-40. The crew will number 20 including sound, camera, light, presenter, producers, directors, make up, autocue and hangers on. We are really excited and the nerves are jangling, it will really give the students a taste of what the pressures are really like in industry. Will update you will more info when appropriate.