The project team have been working flat out to acheive the aims of the channel and it seems to be progressing well. There is a lot involved in a channel launch, much more than you would think. From a technical point of view i.e. my pov, it has been challenging. Challenging in that I have had to re-wire the entire studio and gallery areas, working out what goes where. Unfortunately I couldnt locate the original studio schematics, so had to track the existing cabling to and from points.

On a plus point, the new virtual studio equipment is installed and working. I still have a few things to complete, such as talkback and autocue, but the students are excited about the possibility of creating studio shows, which is good. I will be running a workshop at the studio for the Isle campus students, so they have the opportunity to create a show using the equipment. It will take time to become proficient with the software, but I reckon the students will pick it up easily.

Ben and I have a number of projects lined up, not least to shoot and edit a promo for the channel. We have some footage in the can and we will be filming further soon.

Gary McConville
Project Media Technician