Just finished setting up most of the initial hosting environments for the project site and this blog. So we now have the following main domains.


This is the main project hub and consists of a netvibes universe that pulls together all the parts of the project including this blog, twitter, the main TV website & the project page on jisc as well as various widgets and feeds of interest to the project team.  It essentially just a way to bring everything together under a web 2.0 environment.  The choice of netvibes was down to me as I'd used it before and was comfortable with the environment... looks pretty good too.


You're looking at it! This is going to be the main project blog once I get all the users set up and do a quick awareness session for everyone involved in the project. So stay tooned... for lots from Ben, Gary, Jayne, Tony, Kay, Sophia, Jeff, Jonny et al.

You'll see a few retrospective posts appear over the next week or so as we bring in some of the content from our previous project blog and get the story so far up to date.

Also hoping to have lots of photos posted here too, to bring the project story alive


These are the main TV site, and will slowly evolve into the full service with many and varied channels.  A basic holding page will stay until all the search engine submissions and email set-up is completed.  A soft launch page will then follow with proper brand identity and a video trailer/teaser.  Followed by springboardtv.com V1.0...

Technologies being used to put that together will be:

Linux hosting
Apache, PHP, MySQL
JW Player from longhorn video
Coming along later will be..
CDN hosting with Flash Media Server or WOWZA

And finally...

Here's a photo of me standing by the Monty Python and The Holy Grail Clapper board at Doune in Scotland...

...as if to prove my cimematic credentials lol

Neil Stapleton
Project Technical Advisor, Solutions Architect
& Web Monkey
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