If I can do this - then anyone can.  I can see now how people get so addicted to this. 

I have rather surprised myself that I can do this at all as I am not that good when it comes to new technolology - as my colleagues in the staffroom will confirm.  (Also those who have had, for the past few weeks,  tried to teach me at evening class how to use new technology in the classroom - a big thank you.  Their patience is amazing and for that I am eternally grateful.  Who after all would want to teach teachers?)


I have in the meantime concluded it is just a case of overcoming my fear.  I cannot bear heights, cruelty to animals, the national lottery or learning how to use anything more sophisticated than a manual can opener - and then that can get the better of me!


So watch this space.  After yestersday's amazingly interesting, informative and inspriational look at using new technology who knows what I can do now? 


How do you post this again Jonny?