Hi folks,

This is just an update on progress. We have completed some filming which we will shortly upload to the site and test out various formats. We have a news style story about a recent student conference in West Norfolk, with special thanks to Daisy and Victoria (journalist students) for their hard work on the story and voice-over and the photography student who covered the event. A seperate blog will be created about this conference.


Also, a series of filmed interviews with 1st Diploma Art & Design students has also been completed and will appear soon. We have also began filming a documentary film about our fashion students and this will involve the final end of term fashion show at the Isle campus. Isle students Raj and Olli are working with us on this shoot, gain some valuable work experience with Springboard TV. We plan to live-switch the fashion show, using the Tricaster system with a multi camera set-up. It should be fun and the students can get some multi-camera directing and vision mixing experience.


The studio needs some work to complete the job. Still waiting for various cables and bits and pieces to get the auto-cue system running and the audio mixing desk back into full-time usage.


That all for now.