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View Article  Nine Lives
We visited Paul Mayer Course Director Performing Arts over at Isle yesterday with Sophia and Jonny to find out more about how he has successfully integrated a fully functioning and highly succesful theatre company called 'Nine Lives' into his general teaching programme. He spoke about the pride students feel knowing they in a close team and not just 'doing a course' - they are part of a real theatre company. This is exactly the feeling we want to instill with SpringboardTV and the media cohort. There's loads of cross over so Paul's experiences will be invaluable - we recorded his words which I'll edit a post when I get a moment, plus he has agreed to help us out by lending his dulcet tones for voice work on the channel next term, bravo that man!

Sophia and Jonny got some great ideas from the session and found it really useful.

Here's where the Nine Lives company put on their shows
View Article  How to use Twitter
Here's an easy step-by-step video on how to use Twitter, also gives some useful educational uses.

View Article  A Visit From DMU
Richard Hall ILT coordinator from De Monfort University payed us a visit in Kings Lynn last week. He's the Project Manager of the MoRSE project which is part of our CAMEL cluster group as assigned by JISC. He was unable to attend the recent CAMEL event hosted by ourselves on the 8th May but he wanted to see the project for himself and talk technology with us.

Richard was particularly interested in the technological solutions that we're developing and the impact on professional development/student learning these will have. We were obviously delighted to have him here and so we gave him the full tour, showed our progress so far and demoed the virtual studio. We also conducted a brief interview with Richard in the virtual environment which we'll post up on the blog soon.

Apart from being eager to hear his thoughts on all of the above, we also had a good discussion on IPR and copyright, Richard pointed us towards this really useful JISC Web 2.0 checklist which DMU have integrated into their general institutional procedure and we are now looking to do the same. On that subject we (project management team) have been talking about who should be driving policy on this subject - the college or the project? It was decided that the project would be the catalyst but we should engage with both the ILT team and IT in order to put guidelines together for feedback from the institutes SMT. Waiting for Toby George head of ILT to return from leave so watch this space.

Check out Richard's own project blog and comments on his visit to us
View Article  Social Media.... Is this what springboard will be all about
This illustrates how a(the) new model of media production, distribution and sales works...

View Article  Blogging as a route to publication
Billed as 'A First-time Author's Gateway to Publication' Sulekha's BLOGPRINT is a collaboration with Penguin Books and is primarily about promoting creative writing.

It's worth looking into the background and outcomes; one notable outcome was that Boy's contributed more that Girl's... Anyway worth taking a look to see if any parallels can be drawn with our use of blogs etc. Perhaps journalism!
View Article  Jisc Legal Web 2.0 & Accessibility Webcasts
Follolwing todays projact steering group meeting I just wanted to post the links to the Jisc Legal webcasts that Mark Stiles recommeded... so here they are:

JISC Legal Webcast: Web 2.0 and the Law for e-Tutors
or link directly to the video

JISC Legal Webcast: Accessibility Law Webcast

or link directly to the video
View Article  An Epic Journey
Tony and I visited the Epic studios in Norwich last Tuesday - one of the most advanced broadcast production facilities in Europe. We were primarily there to visit the teachers visual media fair but also to have a good look at their recent £1.5 million HD upgrade.

We met Dave the head engineer, he gave us a tour of the very impressive facilities. The main studio is 6000 square feet and can accommodate up to 300 people in the audience, it has 4 dressing rooms and three viewing galleries. In the past it has hosted Trisha, Vanessa and Graham Norton - but not at the same time according to their website. Studio one is available for hire for 5k a day - a bit out of our budget but Epic do cater for colleges by offering a package of different experiences for learners. One that caught our eye was a full studio tour combined with a production exercise. Learners get assigned roles in the studio and actually get to create their show and take it away with them.

Dave offered the college some of their old equipment at what we were told was a very reasonable price - unfortunately the mixing desk he was pointing at would struggle to get through the doors of the college let alone fit into our compact gallery.

Later after a brief introduction to Epic's director we visited the fair in the main studio. Representatives from local creative and media industries were well represented. We spoke at length with the Creative & Media Diploma Employer Engagement team who said they'd been receiving some excellent feedback from students. They felt it gave them otherwise unavailable opportunities to build links with the creative industry and give them a taster of a variety of different creative areas. This was really helping them to make up their mind about where they want to go when they complete the course.

Donna Chessum of Tribe PR told us about the increase in demand for web video in the city of Norwich and how they have set up their own TV Channel online 'Tribe TV'. She also mentioned that they are working with the council on a film competition which is open to all ages - Create a 3 minute film on any device (stills camera, mobile, film camera) dispelling the myths of Norfolk, i.e. that you come here to retire and nothing ever happens. We're too late for this year but we spoke about SpringboardTV and we will keep in touch and crossover where appropriate.

The BBC where present and I was interviewed for their East community channel, again we spoke about Springboard and potential collaboration opportunities. Wendy (BBC) has invited the college to come to their studio sometime in the future, we also discussed the potential of Springboard feeding them content on local bands and news etc - real kudos for the channel if we can make it happen.

There were a number of independent filmmakers who are currently very busy involved in online video, they also spoke about real growth in this area. It was really encouraging to see that although some of Norwich's larger broadcasters have scaled back operations, smaller and more dynamic digital agencies were doing well. All in all a really worthwhile day out.