We visited Paul Mayer Course Director Performing Arts over at Isle yesterday with Sophia and Jonny to find out more about how he has successfully integrated a fully functioning and highly succesful theatre company called 'Nine Lives' into his general teaching programme. He spoke about the pride students feel knowing they in a close team and not just 'doing a course' - they are part of a real theatre company. This is exactly the feeling we want to instill with SpringboardTV and the media cohort. There's loads of cross over so Paul's experiences will be invaluable - we recorded his words which I'll edit a post when I get a moment, plus he has agreed to help us out by lending his dulcet tones for voice work on the channel next term, bravo that man!

Sophia and Jonny got some great ideas from the session and found it really useful.

Here's where the Nine Lives company put on their shows http://www.anglestheatre.co.uk/