The SpringboardTV team descended on mass to Epping Forest last Friday to run a workshop at the 2009 RSC e-Fair, a yearly event put together and hosted by our own steering group member Gerard Hayes.


Gary and I arrived early after having had a restful night at the local Travelodge. We set up the Tricaster with portable reflect media background, the new HD JVC broadcast camera and a full lighting setup. Basically everything we needed to create the virtual studio set up in the Tricaster. Jayne, Jonny, Neil and Kay followed armed with curriculum expertise and laymen understanding of the use of these technologies at the coal face of the classroom.

The event was all about technology so our workshop programme consisted of a brief introduction to the project itself, a general talk about technologies in the media industry and then we waded fully into the specifics of the technology choices we have made for the Springboard project and justifications for each. This was followed by a practical demonstration of the virtual set and 'how to make a programme', a showreel of students work and then a hands on opportunity for attendees to make their own programme and take it with them.


The audience were from a variety of institutions and backgrounds and judging by their initial caution were not sure exactly what to expect from the workshop. Once the Tricaster was fired up though and we stopped talking media tech you could see the light bulb come on and their imaginations were fully fired up to the possibilities of the equipment. Cue barrage of questions as to potential uses and costs. A fair few remained after the workshop had ended and business cards were swapped. We left feeling we had represented well and that the project had found some new followers.


We received an email of thanks from Gerard on Monday:


Dear All,


I would like to say yet again my thanks for your contribution to the e-Fair held last Friday the 3rd July at Epping Forest College.


An initial sift through the evaluation forms showed a wide range of favoured features especially the workshops and ‘show and tell’ and the Get on 2 Get on bus.


The delegates expressed increased motivation and enthusiasm, with the determination to take their experiences back to their colleagues and actively implement them. 


I really do appreciate all of the effort and care that you put into the day and without which there simply would not have been an e-fair.


I congratulate you all on providing such an impressive array of benefits to learning providers in the Eastern region!


Regards Gerard