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View Article  Time table and work experience changes
The timetable has been rejigged for the new term and we have allocated time for staff to train, reflect and meet in a production meeting. The student production groups have been changed, we still have three separate groups but now the basics of production have been taught First Diploma and National have been separated so each can move forward at their own pace. The national first and seconds are still mixed but each group have their own final major projects to work on as well as the joint projects.    more »
View Article  Back to the future
College resumes and a new year begins and after what was admittedly a hectic first term for the live project we were looking forward to a more settled beginning to the new term. Alas this was not to be and mother nature has scuppered our plans, we have had some very cold and snowy weather and due the long journeys many teachers and staff have to take into the college attendance has been on the low side.   more »