The timetable has been rejigged for the new term and we have allocated time for staff to train, reflect and meet in a production meeting. The student production groups have been changed, we still have three separate groups but now the basics of production have been taught First Diploma and National have been separated so each can move forward at their own pace. The national first and seconds are still mixed but each group have their own final major projects to work on as well as the joint projects.

Work experience with SpringboardTV has been extended to year one of the National Diploma so this means we now have the personnel to put together some more varied projects. Currently in production and discussion is a piece on global warming which will aim to capture the local view of the issue, a biography piece featuring Eric St John Foti, a prominent local philanthropist who just happens to be a member of our steering group, a music video featuring a very radio friendly band called Shake Hands Eric and finally there is a request for assistance from the St Johns Ambulance who want to raise their media profile. All projects are well worthy and hopefully there will be scope to commission all to some degree.