Hi everyone, sorry its been a while since my last post, but im back with a corker to talk about!
So for a while, since i let it slip to one of the students that i could get my hands on a 35mm depth of field adapter, i have been asked time over and over to do a workshop with them on D.O.F and how and what is it? So they got their wish and i talked to them about the evolution of the types of cameras used in moving image production. and how they always used to use photographic film lens's. This gave the films made with them the look that we filmmakers now refer to as "FILM-LIKE", but also explained that this look can not be achieved with normal everyday cameras, HD or NOT. The main element that's missing is depth of field. This is something that is nearly gone all together from digital video cameras, unless you have an adapter available, which we do have!
After the workshop Ben and myself had arranged to have a poet come in who wanted a video shooting of him reciting his poem. We used this as a great opportunity to use the adapter with them and produce a very slick looking promo (pleas see link below) that has the film look about it.
The shoot went really well and the students seemed to have had alot of the geeky tech talk i had been waffling on about, still sunk in their heads and making sense. I think they realised that film making has so much to it,its not just having the ideas, its knowing what to use to obtain a look and when to light and the more you can get your head around the more prepared you can be when you approach a shoot and the more time that allows you to get things right.