SpringboardTV.com was built internally over a relatively short period of time, The logo and colour schemes were designed and chosen by the students but the look and feel was quite organic. There was a tight deadline in that web presence was required to coincide beginning of term year start September 2009.

The site was taken as far as it could using with the time and resource limitations available. Consequently the site is a not fully in line with project expectations and this provides the rational for a redesign.

The main elements the site lacks are control and usability, it is administered by way of a primitive cms which is not user friendly and is not inclusive – students cannot get involved in the upload and production process. Content gets put onto the site and its arrangement is difficult to organize.

The site needs more flexibility, to add pages, pictures and banners. With this functionality other areas within the faculty and college in general could be involved in more suitable ways such as photographic galleries, graphical banners and news stories. Other elements, which may be considered in the upgrade - embedding, message boards and an improved commenting system. 

The preferred set up for the site is an established ‘off the shelf’ CMS. This will keep the development cost down but more importantly the college will not be tied to any agency for costly support. After much research and consultation Wordpress was identified as the prefered CMS as it is well established, well supported, fully customizable, robust and there are excellent sites powered by the Wordpress CMS in the marketplace.

Here are some examples and themes of Wordpress sites.