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View Article  Shake Hands Eric Music Video
The official video for Peterbough band, Shake Hands Eric and their song “Long Stay These Days”
Label – Unbelievable Music ...   more »
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View Article  Web mock ups
I've attached some of the design proposals for the new Springboard site, now the site won't look like any of ...   more »
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View Article  Why You Should Use WordPress?
Really excited about the new website, I think it will really help with the sales job for student interest, this ...   more »
View Article  Lynn News Hook Up
The project has developed existing college links with The Lynn News, the local newspaper. The Journo students used to write ...   more »
View Article  Media Team Golden Hour (use of technology for assessment, evidence and course management)
Media Team Golden Hour (use of technology for assessment, evidence and course management)
For the past 10 weeks (off and ...   more »
View Article  Golden Hour (Learning Teachnology for Assessment)
Sophia, Tony, Matthew, Jonny and I have been doing excellent work on changing approaches to assessment, what this space for ...   more »
View Article  What? Video with a 35mm film look?
Hi everyone, sorry its been a while since my last post, but im back with a corker to talk about!
...   more »
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View Article  New Website - coming soon! was built internally over a relatively short period of time, The logo and colour schemes were designed and chosen ...   more »
View Article  Springboard on Facebook
Sign up to SpringboardTV on Facebook and get regular updates on new content and upcoming events.

Thanks to Peter for setting this up, we have over 70 friends already.
View Article  Time table and work experience changes
The timetable has been rejigged for the new term and we have allocated time for staff to train, reflect and meet in a production meeting. The student production groups have been changed, we still have three separate groups but now the basics of production have been taught First Diploma and National have been separated so each can move forward at their own pace. The national first and seconds are still mixed but each group have their own final major projects to work on as well as the joint projects.    more »
View Article  Back to the future
College resumes and a new year begins and after what was admittedly a hectic first term for the live project we were looking forward to a more settled beginning to the new term. Alas this was not to be and mother nature has scuppered our plans, we have had some very cold and snowy weather and due the long journeys many teachers and staff have to take into the college attendance has been on the low side.   more »
View Article  Time lapse Vocal Point
Here a time lapse film shot during the set up of the first Vocal Point debate show. It was shot at 10fps and sped up by 3000%
View Article  Immigration recorded TV debate - Vocal Point
We are preparing frantically for our live studio debate next Thursday. The show is called Vocal Point and is being put together by the 2nd year students. It's been a hard slog getting to this point as motivation has been a factor, unfortunately the debate subject that was given to them was not glam enough. It's an important issue for the area and Tony stuck to his guns as he felt it was a debate that would be really vibrant and would engage the local community. Fair play to the student as with a bit of cajoling they have pulled themselves together, organized themselves and we have the semblance of a show put tother. I have attached the premise and a flyer to gove you a broader picture of the production, we are still confirming panelist but we hope to have all major parties represented (we have two already) and a diverse and interested audience of about 30-40. The crew will number 20 including sound, camera, light, presenter, producers, directors, make up, autocue and hangers on. We are really excited and the nerves are jangling, it will really give the students a taste of what the pressures are really like in industry. Will update you will more info when appropriate.
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View Article  First Press!
The project has received it's first press coverage, The EDP came in whilst we were rehearsing for the immigration debate which will be recorded live next Thursday. They took plenty of snaps but chose to include the desk based student rather than the 20 other students operating cameras, lights and sound. Oh well can't complain as all press is good press, lets hope this is just the start.
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View Article  Blue Screen Fun!!
Hi all, bit of spare time so I thought I would tell you about the fun day we had in ...   more »
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View Article  Howdy Folks
Hey, just dropping by to say hi to all, You may well of met me already, but if not I ...   more »
View Article  New teaching format

The students seem to be responding well to the new format and are all working hard, it has been a ...   more »

View Article  Interim Evaluation

The first interim evaluation was written and sent through to JISC at the beginning of September.  We got the feedback earlier this week and it was very positive.  They have suggested a number of things that they would like us to look at for the project.  Ben and I are both wuite happy with what they were asking for and we will be putting the things togther in the next few wekks.

The next interim report is due at the end of Feb, so no doubt I will be going around staff to get various bits of information. 

View Article  IT Issues

We are well into our second project cycle of the year so we have about 15 films already in can. ...   more »

View Article  New technician

We have a new technician just started with us called Peter Naylor, he has taken over Gary’s role as Gary ...   more »

View Article  Uuummm Shiny Shiny... The new macs have landed

Just been up and had a look at the lovely new Macs... so pleased for the whole team and more importantly the learners that these are now in place ; )



View Article  New Macs

It been a while I know but I have a good excuse - we have just launched Springboard TV in ...   more »

View Article  New student survey

Click here to view the new student survey

   more »
View Article  It's alive
Well my good people the site has gone live, from Monday students and staff will begin using it in earnest.  IMO the site is about 90% bug free, so the next few weeks will be very telling, browser support is reasonable with only Safari causing a headache because the Ajax commenting system won't play ball.  The main things is that there is some excellent video content on the site and that learner now have a focal point for their efforts.

Over and out
View Article  The hidden work of creative people (designers)

I saw this and it just brought home how much work and expertise goes into getting things looking just so...

Whatever you are: Graphic designer, Photographer, Film maker, Desktop publisher or Web monkey... this one's for you, the average person will never fully understand what goes into it, but maybe if you show them this it will help.

Respect ; )

Cover creation from Peter Belanger on Vimeo.

View Article  Big week!

It's a big week for the channel this week, Neil and I are locked in a room in the tower ...   more »

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View Article  Create a programme in a week!

We ran have just completed a staff day training course entitled 'make a programme in a week'. Six staff attended and ...   more »

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View Article  Dissemination at the RSC e-Fair

The SpringboardTV team descended on mass to Epping Forest last Friday to run a workshop at the 2009 RSC e-Fair, a ...   more »

View Article  Nine Lives
We visited Paul Mayer Course Director Performing Arts over at Isle yesterday with Sophia and Jonny to find out more about how he has successfully integrated a fully functioning and highly succesful theatre company called 'Nine Lives' into his general teaching programme. He spoke about the pride students feel knowing they in a close team and not just 'doing a course' - they are part of a real theatre company. This is exactly the feeling we want to instill with SpringboardTV and the media cohort. There's loads of cross over so Paul's experiences will be invaluable - we recorded his words which I'll edit a post when I get a moment, plus he has agreed to help us out by lending his dulcet tones for voice work on the channel next term, bravo that man!

Sophia and Jonny got some great ideas from the session and found it really useful.

Here's where the Nine Lives company put on their shows
View Article  How to use Twitter
Here's an easy step-by-step video on how to use Twitter, also gives some useful educational uses.

View Article  A Visit From DMU
Richard Hall ILT coordinator from De Monfort University payed us a visit in Kings Lynn last week. He's the Project Manager of the MoRSE project which is part of our CAMEL cluster group as assigned by JISC. He was unable to attend the recent CAMEL event hosted by ourselves on the 8th May but he wanted to see the project for himself and talk technology with us.

Richard was particularly interested in the technological solutions that we're developing and the impact on professional development/student learning these will have. We were obviously delighted to have him here and so we gave him the full tour, showed our progress so far and demoed the virtual studio. We also conducted a brief interview with Richard in the virtual environment which we'll post up on the blog soon.

Apart from being eager to hear his thoughts on all of the above, we also had a good discussion on IPR and copyright, Richard pointed us towards this really useful JISC Web 2.0 checklist which DMU have integrated into their general institutional procedure and we are now looking to do the same. On that subject we (project management team) have been talking about who should be driving policy on this subject - the college or the project? It was decided that the project would be the catalyst but we should engage with both the ILT team and IT in order to put guidelines together for feedback from the institutes SMT. Waiting for Toby George head of ILT to return from leave so watch this space.

Check out Richard's own project blog and comments on his visit to us
View Article  Social Media.... Is this what springboard will be all about
This illustrates how a(the) new model of media production, distribution and sales works...